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SunSun cannister - loud "churning" sounds and air burps

Postby zablalbaz » Mon Jan 07, 2019 9:32 am

Hey All,

I have a 2 year old SunSun 303B canister filter that has been getting air into it and making loud "churning" noises intermittently before it burps the air back out into the tank. I've tried cleaning it, reattaching all the hoses, and lubing the gasket. There is a small, floating protein skimmer on the intake line that came with the system. And I believe that is where the air is getting into the filter. But I've had this skimmer setup from the first day that I started using the filter, and this is a relatively new development. The air and noises from the filter just started up about two weeks ago all on their own without my having touched anything.

I try shaking the filter to get the air out, and that usually helps for a couple hours but the problem always comes back. I suspect the protein skimmer, because I also have a SunSun 304b filter on this aquarium. And it started this same behavior last year. The only thing I could do was disconnect the skimmer. Once I did that, no more air issues.

I really like these filters, and they have done a great job for me over the past few years. I really don't want to replace them since that costs money, and they are otherwise doing a great job. I haven't noticed any decrease in water flow from them either. But I also don't want to disconnect the skimmer on my 303b filter since it does a good job keeping the surface water nice and clean.

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?

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Re: SunSun cannister - loud "churning" sounds and air burps

Postby Old Newbie » Mon Jan 07, 2019 12:42 pm

I have several Sunsun filters that have done the same thing. I took off the skimmer and capped it off with the plug that came with the filter and it stopped. Direct the out flow toward the surface and anything that the skimmer would have possibly picked up will be circulated and picked up by the filter intake.
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