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500 Gallon Heaters

Postby SenorStrum » Tue Nov 10, 2020 2:55 pm

I'm looking for info from folks who run large systems. What do you run for heaters?

Background - Building a system when the new Tsunami gets here. 410 gallon tank with large sump - the total system volume will be roughly 500 gallons. House is normally kept at 70 degrees on average.

I've searched the forum, but most discussions are pretty old and center around smaller systems, which is to be expected. When I read reviews on Amazon, it seems like every single heater has the "cooked my fish" review or "Shocked me, would not buy again" review. Add to that the fact that most stuff is unavailable these days, and I'm having fun. I'm willing to spend the money, but I'm seeing reviews that indicate it may not be worth it on some of these heating options.

Last question: Does anyone have experience with any PTC heaters?
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Re: 500 Gallon Heaters

Postby ken31cay » Tue Nov 10, 2020 3:46 pm

I use two of these in my 450gal + 100gal sump: Catalina 800 Watt Titanium Heater with Controller. Haven't experienced any problems.
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Re: 500 Gallon Heaters

Postby fishboy75 » Tue Nov 10, 2020 7:37 pm

I second the titanium heater with temperature controller. Switched to a 600 watt one on my 265 gallon earlier this year after having issues with 2- 300 watt heaters from Eheim. Couldn't keep them in sync, one was always coming on even when the temp was good. After constantly playing with them and hoping the tank wouldn't overheat while I was away I got the titanium one. Works perfect and I dont have to worry any more.
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Re: 500 Gallon Heaters

Postby supperfish » Mon Dec 14, 2020 11:10 pm

May be 3 x 800 watt heaters
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Re: 500 Gallon Heaters

Postby smitty » Mon Jan 11, 2021 2:45 am

There's not a heater on the market that hasn't had it share of problems. Another thing I adopted was if I wanted 600 watts of heater. I would use 2, 300 watt heaters. I had a 800 watt heater that failed. Went to the basement during an extremely cold spell and the fish were laying on the bottom. The water was 60 degrees. So now if 1 fail, I would still have 1 doing a little something.
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