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Re: Emergency - Green terror about to lay eggs

Postby Lisa83 » Fri Apr 02, 2021 6:15 am

Thanks Dee!
Not to brag but here’s 2 more photos, one of the mom and kids and the other of the satellite tank where we segregated about 50 “just in case”.
When should we start feeding them? We can do crushed flakes or micro pellets, any suggestions or advice on feeding the fry and the timing? Thanks!
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Re: Emergency - Green terror about to lay eggs

Postby Lisa83 » Fri Apr 02, 2021 6:17 am

Photo update, sorry for showing off so much!
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Re: Emergency - Green terror about to lay eggs

Postby Auballagh » Fri Apr 02, 2021 8:51 am

It's all good! Pictures of Mom Fish with a cloud of fry around her are always awesome. :D
For feeding, the Mom Fish herself is gonna help you out with this. Uneaten particles of food ejected out of her gill rakers will definitely be enjoyed by the babies around her. It's really messy! And inevitably , the larger the adult sized Cichlid - the more particles of food are sent flying everywhere into the aquarium water like this.
For direct feeding, you can try this product made by Hikari called 'First Bites'. Small in particle size, and made for baby fish. This will serve as an initial, very rich source of pellet foundation food that will work great. Also, live brine shrimp will be appreciated. Try chopping up some black worms... And if you can get a hold of some mosquito larva, those babies will chow down on those things as well.
The important thing is variety, and provide multiple feedings per day.
PLUS - don't forget to stay op top of your tank maintenance/cleaning routine. Baby fish, with those rich food sources and multiple, daily feedings can degrade the water quality in an aquarium, FAST! Nitrate buildup is definitely not healthy for those little guys, and will cause you all sorts of problems if things get out of hand in what may be smaller-sized grow out tanks for the baby Cichlids. I clean my grow out tanks DAILY, with pre-filter cleanings and 50 percent water changes to ensure everyone stays healthy and is growing out at a sustained, fast rate.

So, if you're doing it right? You will definitely be ready for that additional work load to end, and all of those baby fish to get sent off to their new homes! :oops:
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Re: Emergency - Green terror about to lay eggs

Postby Lisa83 » Mon Apr 05, 2021 8:29 am

Thanks for the advice Auballagh!
The first photo above your reply is the satellite tank, hanging off another tank so it looks really dirty from all the algae, but I let it grow as I think the fry like to eat it.
As far as upkeep, this is my second job :-) I spend a crazy amount of time each day looking after 5 tanks, 2 buckets and one satellite tank. I do lots of water changes, but from your advise it seems I need to increase the feeding variety and frequency, as I only feed morning and night, use non-brand pellets in different sizes, with the occasional treat of blanched veggies, blended into jello.
Ill look into the Hikari first bites.
Mom has eaten probably half the fry by now, big improvement from last time when she ate all of them a week after hatching. She seems to be stressed from the other fish in the tank, despite the divider keeping her and babies isolated, she will ram the divider all day long, like saying don't dare come here!! Anyways, still about 30 fry with her and the other 50 or so in the satellite. Next time we will try her alone in a smaller tank and see if her stress is reduced and more fry make it. As it is I have no idea what we would do with 70 new fish, on top of other africans that we are raising at the same time!
We are in defensive mode now, avoiding putting mating pairs together to stop the population explosion!
Im sorry I have not looked at your posts to see what fish you are keeping, etc, I will soon, once things settle a bit here, about to strip another malawi after this post, who's jaw seems about to blow up!
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