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Stocking new 125 gallon

Postby AqueousSolution » Wed Feb 10, 2021 12:43 am

Hi everyone, not new to the hobby but new to cichlids. I am currently cycling my new 6’ 125 gallon, and hope to be able to add fish once the levels are right. Wanted to out my stocking ideas out there and see what people think. I am thinking of something along the lines of:
Electric blue acaras (5?)
Severum (1)
Rainbow cichlids (5?)
Silver dollars (6?)
Corydoras (10?) OR
Hoplo catfish (4)
Pleco (1)
Does this seem overstocked? Can I keep more than one severum along with all the others? Other thoughts? As I said I’m new to this cichlids thing so just looking for some good advice. Thanks
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Re: Stocking new 125 gallon

Postby Auballagh » Wed Feb 10, 2021 7:52 am

That is a lot of fish. But, it looks like you've put some thought and research into your stocking choices, and they seem pretty good to me. Out of that batch, the Severum will easily be the most aggressive cichlid in there. So, I would definitely keep just one of those, and hope that yours will provide a more easy-going role as the dominant fish in the tank. Severum rarely emerge as bullies when kept with other cichlids. But, individual personality differences for these fish can keep you guessing. :)
You will need to keep an eye on water quality, and get a good Nitrate test kit for testing purposes. With the relatively heavy stocking load for this aquarium, it will be tougher to keep Nitrates diluted down to 20-30 PPM level in the tank. As the fish mature, you may have to conduct more frequent and larger percentage water changes to ensure those Nitrates in the tank are kept down to manageable/safe levels in the aquarium.
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