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does my Oscar have fit rot???

Postby tjcharnley » Fri Jan 08, 2021 1:40 pm

Just transferred my Oscar to a 75 gallon tank, tank is still going through the cycling stage, and he seems fine for the most part, other then having a white outline around some of his fins. Is it possible that it is fin rot or just new growth not taking color yet?

75 gallon tank-
water temp is 78 degrees
ph is 7.6
also have a jack Dempsey with him and have for quite some time with no issues

ammonia is actively going up, nitrites are still at 0ppm and nitrates are slowly on the rise.

they also seem to be quite scared of the tank light, is this normal or do they just need to adjust to having a light on.

I change their diet from cichlid pellets to crickets and meal worms, to night crawlers and they are both very active fish when the light is off. otherwise they just they on the bottom.
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Re: does my Oscar have fit rot???

Postby Oscar6 » Fri Jan 08, 2021 2:27 pm

Fish look very good. White outline is new growth membrane. Also very good. If I may, I recommend a return to a quality pellet as a staple diet. The crickets, worms and such should be offered as weekly treats. For Oscar especially, some aquatic vegcontent and fruit are huge positives. As for lights, the dimmer the better, again especially for light sensitivite Oscar. Must also advise that should these two get along for the long term, a bigger tank is in order. Oscar can get huge, make that 75 look like a cereal bowl,lol
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Re: does my Oscar have fit rot???

Postby Auballagh » Fri Jan 08, 2021 5:42 pm

Those ARE good looking fish! Agree with all from 'Oscar6'.
A few more:
- WATER: Keep on top of those water changes while your tank is cycling. Until things settle down, unpredictable spikes in Ammonia or Nitrite will stress your fish pretty hard.
- LIGHTING: The lighting does look pretty intense. Is that super white, play sand in there? If so, it is reflective and will make things even brighter for the tank - and on your fish's eyes. I've found that pool filtration sand mixed with small diameter, natural gravel looks very natural and helps to darken the substrate down a lot. You definitely need less top lighting. Plus, you could place some plastic floating plant things (lily pads, etc...) in there, to make more shadowing effects below them from the top light. Plus, less light definitely equals less algae growing in there for scrubbing chores off the glass and stuff.
- TANK SIZE: And, if you really only have room for a four foot long tank? Then those two would look awesome together long-term, in a 150G XH aquarium (2' X 4' footprint).
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Re: does my Oscar have fit rot???

Postby tjcharnley » Sat Jan 09, 2021 12:07 pm


Dimmed lighting quite a bit for them and they do seem to come out more often now.
Also did a water change this morning and nitrates dropped back to 0, ammonia when down to 1.0ppm and nitrites are still 0.
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