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eb acara quarantine tank

Postby rabidmurr » Tue Mar 10, 2020 10:03 pm

I'm setting up a planted 75 gallon tank with 6-8 congo tetras, 6 eb acaras that will be narrowed down to 2 after a pair forms, and a group of corydoras schultzei, probably 9-12. I want to set up a quarantine tank for these fish, and was thinking about using a 29 gallon tank with the appropriate filtering and heating. These will be quarantined and added to the tank separately of course. Will a 29 gallon tank be large enough to comfortably contain each of these groups of fish for a few weeks in quarantine? All of the fish will be around 1 inch long when starting out in the quarantine tank. I intend on starting with the congos, then the corys and finally the eb acaras, as I want the other fish to grow out to some extent before the eb acaras are added. Any input on this plan of action would be appreciated.
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