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75g geo red head tapajos & boesemani rainbowfish

Postby Th1986 » Thu Jan 16, 2020 8:51 pm

In the process of planning a new tank.

Have a 75g sitting in my garage. Standard 4 foot 75g.

I'm not 100% sure on filtration but likely a fluval canister+sponge filter . is a fx6 overkill?

Black sand , would black blasting sand be ok for the geos?

A few pieces of spider wood and plan to attach anubias / java fern. Trying to leave as much space on the bottom free'd up as possible for the geos to sift.

To my main questions

Will this combination work , the rainbowfish and geos?
Stocking numbers?

I was thinking
10x Bosemani
5x red head tapajos but I feel I may be overstocking the geos.

I plan to buy them as juveniles and upgrading to a 6 foot tank in the future IS a possibility. But I would still like to know how many geos I could keep in the 75g there whole lifespan if I wasn't to upgrade.

Thanks in advance for any advice
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Re: 75g geo red head tapajos & boesemani rainbowfish

Postby illy-d » Sat Feb 01, 2020 12:02 am

yes, I think that stock will work. I kept 6 Tapajos in a 75g for years - they were mature fish, they spawned (I actually had 3m : 3f), and generaly got a long pretty well. I kept them with bleeding heart tetras (not rainbows).

A guy local to me just had his big male tapajos try and mouth brood a rainbow fry for a few days, so yes, that combo will work :D ... gg-232934/
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