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1000l tank stocking ideas

Postby Lecozens » Wed Oct 02, 2019 2:41 am

Hi all,

I'm new here so be gentle :) been reading the forums for ages and finally decided to go for an upgrade and need some help.

I've recently acquired a 100l tank and need to stock it. I do have some fish to already go in and am looking for ideas to bulster my numbers.

Current fish are:
4 X clown angel fish
3 X krobia Xingu

I'm looking to stick with the South American vibe and would like to put fish of a similar or larger size. I am quite emotionally attached to my krobias and anything that goes in would need to complement these and not ruin their lives. I do not plan for these to be the main attraction in the tank but whatever goes in needs to be suitable to them.

Current thoughts (and feel free to tell me I am wrong) are the below:

Smaller geophagus species -possibly redheads
Convict cichlids
Blue acara
Dither fish - probably spotted silver dollars

I would love a green terror, but think it would be too agressive/murderous.

As stated I would love suggestions from you all

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Re: 1000l tank stocking ideas

Postby Oscar6 » Wed Oct 02, 2019 5:47 pm

Just to be clear, you have a thousand Liter tank? Headline says yes, your opening statement says a hundredL? I will assume a typo and go with the 1000L. Geos will do well, should be a group, of 6 or better, and need a sand bottom. Convicts are Central American, and while small, are too rough for milder SA fish. Dollars are a good community group, Acaras are for the most part good community fish, but will stand up and push around anything they can. You could likely have a small group of Festivum as well.Keyhole cichlids are a good mixing fish. Group of Tiger barbs or Filament barbs would likely fare well. Mixing fish, attempting a community tank is always a gamble, never any certainties, but big space is a positive and will increase odds of success. Good luck!
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