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Discussion regarding only South American Cichlid species. (Oscars, Geophagines, Discus, Apistogramma, Green Terrors, Angels, Severums, Pikes, etc.)
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Pseudohemiodon apithanos (Chameleon Whiptail)

Wed Aug 28, 2019 7:12 pm

The lfs had a chameleon whiptail catfish available for $160. Looked to be about 3-4" in size. I don't know much about them... they seem to come from Ecuador, grow to about 6-8", and seem to be quite a tough fish. Not to mention, they look really cool and are apparently rare to find for sale.

BUT... how rare? $160 worth of rare? Anyone know much more about these guys? I am considering it, but I think $160 seems high. The catfish seems like he'd do well in a tank with a jd and oscar.

Current tank is a 75g growout. Both the jack and oscar are about 3". And 5 silver dollars.

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