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Keyhole cichlid chasing/aggression

Postby northernpangio » Tue May 07, 2019 12:12 pm

I had my 4 Keyholes in QT for almost 3 weeks and I believe a pair was formed as breeding tubes dropped (they were also the only 2 that showed no aggression towards eachother) and they tried to clear out an area and lay eggs but either they didn't or the eggs were eaten. I am assuming the other 2 are male and female but not a pair. There has been relentless chasing across the tank/running into the glass, fin nipping, shimmying, gill flaring and digging sand pits.

They were moved into the 40g yesterday and the same behavior is happening. One second all 4 of them will be sifting the sand together or swimming up and down the glass together then all of a sudden everyone is being chased. One of the ones not in a pair; I call him the "rogue male" has a new split down his tail fin from the chasing today..

Is this them establishing a pecking order and it will slowly die down or do I need to remove/get rid of 1 or 2 Keyholes? (which I really don't want to do)

Any insight would be appreciated!
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