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Stocking a community cichlid tank

Postby Naruto666 » Thu Aug 16, 2018 10:00 pm

I am in my research phase only right now. I am interested in creating an established planted tank and turning it into a community tank for some cichlids. I have not started yet, as I am testing the planted waters with a small betta tank. I've never kept plants before and am trying it to see how I do and if I like it. I have kept larger cichlids ion the past, like Jack Dempseys, Oscars, Firemouths and convicts so that parts nothing new to me. I am curious though, if I were to create a moderate to heavily stocked tank, how many fish and of what kinds would I be able to stock in eather a 46gal bowfront or a 75 gal standard tank. I am leaning towards the bowfront just because I like how they look a little more, but I've read that if both were stocked the same way, the 75gal would be more interesting to watch and they might create their own little natural world vs living side by side with each other.
The fish I am interested in are...
Apistogramma of some kind
Bolivian Rams
Rainbow Cichlids
Blue Acara or Keyhole
small catfish or pleco like a Raphael or Rio-Negro
Possibly some dithers

With those fish in mind, I'm hoping for some suggestions. I would get rid of the Ram before the Apisto, I really like the Apisros, and I am on the Fence about the Kribensis just because its not a South or Central American Cichlid. Like I said, planning and researching only. Thanks guys
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Re: Stocking a community cichlid tank

Postby BC in SK » Fri Aug 17, 2018 7:40 am

You could mix apistos with rams in a 75 gal. Keyholes are quite a bit larger but are very timid, and may do OK with these as well. I definitely wouldn't mix these with the other 3 in a 75 gal.
Some people wouldn't mix an African (krib) with a CA (rainbow cichlid) or either with an SA (Blue Acara) though I have no qualms about it. None of these 3 fish have any special water requirements. IME, they have decent chance of being compatible. Kribs a little smaller but are usually more then capable of defending themselves.
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Re: Stocking a community cichlid tank

Postby slava2929 » Thu Aug 23, 2018 8:27 am

I can't speak to Kribs or Acaras, but I would never put a rainbow with dwarf cichlids or keyholes. My rainbow is the most aggressive fish I have ever owned and is actually far more aggressive than my convict or firemouth. He would kill any dwarf cichlid in a couple of days or less. I realize that each fish has its own personality and you might get lucky with a calm rainbow, but from experience it's just too risky. I agree with BC in SK about mixing that combo - I think they would be fine despite being from different parts of the world. I have an African with my central American fish and have had no issues. Apistos would go fine with Rams, Keyholes and catfish. And yeah, I love apistos too. They are on my wish list. Good luck.
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