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Green terror?

Postby Ragincajun92 » Mon Jan 15, 2018 5:30 pm

Green terror is without a question my favorite fish to keep. I had a beautiful female for 3 years until she got stuck in one of my tree logs that I had in the tank. After that I pretty much took my 55 tank down and gave it away. Well one of my friends was moving and gave me his 30 gallon tank. I have had it set up for a year and a half now and have 2 firemouths in it and a Bristol nose. I have made the comment to my wife a few times that while I like the fire mouths I still missed having a green terror. So fast forward to present day. My wife bought me a 65 gallon Aqueon tank and stand from pet smart almost 2 weeks ago so we could get a green terror again (she liked the green Terror as well because it would come up to her and flair her gills at her and follow her when she walked by). The foot print is 36 3\8 wide 18 3\8 deep and 25” tall. She bought it cause she liked the look of the tank and she liked the stand it came with. I know this is not the ideal foot print for a green terror but I don’t have the heart to tell her I needed a longer tank. So that being said how do you think 1 green Terror will do in this tank with the other fish I already have? I’m going to be giving the 30 tank to my nephew as he wants a tank for his room. Just wanted to hear some feedback on what you guys thought and will the work. I have wood work and rocks.
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Re: Green terror?

Postby Iggy Newcastle » Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:11 pm

I know you've had some concerns about this new tank. And that its been setup already.

The 65 is quite small. As you've pointed out, the footprint is very limiting. Best case scenario is return the new tank and upgrade to a 75. That would help with your proposed stocking. Or keep the FMs in the 30 and go with a solo GT in the 65. Even then, a full grown terror would be pretty cramped.
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