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rd,three jags,green terror

Postby lilcaddy420 » Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:18 am

since a green terror is involved ill post this here too..okay well to start I have a 55 gallon which I know has to be upgraded soon but I got the rd, and two of the jags at 1.5 inch...the devils growth shot off and now it was obvious he was gunna kill everyone...tonite I found a bigger green terror around 3 inch and a new much healthier jag a bit bigger from the others since now they both seem sickly(have since I got them) the two jags and rd were bought from online my rd was in great shape the jags had cloudy eyes and real small and sickly maybe ich I've seen small white spots but that's for another thread..the new jag is in awesome I thought the green terror would put the RD in his place..nope minute they hit the water he went on a campaign of terrorĀ so I've divided the tank with rd having his own side and the three jags and green terror on the as u can see I'm trying my best here I've owned plenty of jags I've never seen this type of aggression from anything but my last 8 inch male jag he killed a lot of fish too to but at like 5 or 6 any tips tricks suggestions??..I know I'm playing with fire with such agro species but eventually id like about a hundred twenty gallon split with a divider with my rd on one side n another beautiful male jag on the other side...thx guys I'm new but hav raised many south and central cichlids just call me caddy anyways glad to be here would love to hear some tips on my setup the goal is too have a 125 with my rd on one side and a beautiful male jag on the other... ok I know this but anything will help thx all
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Re: rd,three jags,green terror

Postby Iggy Newcastle » Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:43 am

What you experienced when you added fish is to be expected. A small tank, with an existing, aggressive fish. Unfortunately, with those fish, you're looking at a couple large tanks. Having a permanemt divider with large species in a 125 gives each fish essentially a 40 breeder. I'd look at sticking with your favorite for now, and rehoming the others. In the interim, add as many line of sight breaks as possible. Wood, rock, even plastic plants.
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