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Discussion regarding only South American Cichlid species. (Oscars, Geophagines, Discus, Apistogramma, Green Terrors, Angels, Severums, Pikes, etc.)
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Finishing out 125g stocking

Wed Dec 06, 2017 2:36 pm

Hi all,

My 6' 125g is currently home to seven species of fish, mostly South American:

5 swordtails (would like more)
14 penguin tetras
5 emerald rainbows (would like more)
2 angelfish
A pair of electric blue acaras
3 guianacara owroewefi
1 starlight bristlenose pleco

I am hoping my guianacara will eventually give me some fry, and allow me to grow out a couple more to add to their group.

I'm wondering if I have room for a trio or pair of red head tapajos in here, or am I pushing it? I've also considered some cories.

This tank seems huge to me, but I know many of you have true monster tanks so you're probably more realistic about my stocking limits!

Re: Finishing out 125g stocking

Wed Dec 06, 2017 3:10 pm

For fun, a full tank shot :D

Re: Finishing out 125g stocking

Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:29 pm

Nice photo! Don't have any suggestions right now, though.


Re: Finishing out 125g stocking

Fri Dec 15, 2017 12:27 pm

No advice...? :-/

Re: Finishing out 125g stocking

Tue Dec 19, 2017 4:54 pm

There is always room for cories. I suggest a school of 6. My faves are the adolfoi/duplicareus complex. Never kept acaras so I don't know if they would play nice with geos. I wouldn't push it. As for the angels, I hope that the 2 can get along. Otherwise, you are going to need to add 3 more to spread out any aggression. I had trouble with 2 in a 90 but 6 get along great in a 150.

Re: Finishing out 125g stocking

Wed Dec 20, 2017 7:37 am

I have red head tapajos in with guianacara and find the guianacara pick on them constantly. Over time, I've reduced the Guinanacara down to a single who is still very obnoxious to the red heads. I'll have to rehome him before too long, if I want to see RHT fry.
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