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1 or 2 angelfish in 200L

Postby Frank158 » Thu Sep 21, 2017 4:45 pm

Yet another angelfish stocking question. This is a shout out to you experienced keepers of P. Scalare.

I was in my local fish store and purchased 1 beautiful Philippine Blue or Double blue.....anyway they were all about a dollar coin in size and washed out at the store but he promised me I would not be disappointed with the look. Long story short I've had this guy/gal in my tank and love him. He looks great in my tank is a medium planted tank that has floating plants (frogbit and water lettuce) that provide shade and cover.

Question is now that I have one I want more. This is the first time I am keeping angels but I'm no new to keeping fish. I went with a solitary angel because of what I've read about aggression that might be an issue later on. Question to the experienced folk around here. Be happy with the solitary angel and let him be the star of the tank or get another one from the lfs before they sell out.

Other inhabitants:
20 Cardinal Tetras (big, mature had them for years)
1 Cory Agazizzi (sp?) - planing on getting more when stock comes in
1 male swordtail
6 or 7 ottos

Future plans for the tank is to stock with Bolivian rams (4 or 6) ??? I think. Not sure yet but always good to have a plan.

Thanks for reading this long winded post.

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