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Bolivian Ram advice

Postby Corbett_n » Tue Sep 19, 2017 8:21 am

I have a community tank with 4 Bolivian Rams that look like they may pair up in a 55g.
I also have a 20g and 4x10g setup for breeding.

When they do pair up:
1)should I move them to 10g breeding tank?
2)Do the breeding tanks need substrate (sand, gravel, wood decor, mops)?
3) IF they are paired up can I keep them in the 10g breeding tanks for the next batch or do I need to move them back to 55g?
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Re: Bolivian Ram advice

Postby Frank158 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 8:49 am


Only move the mating pair if you want to keep and raise the fry. I had a breeding pair in a similar sized tank and when they laid eggs the rest of the inhabitants were fine, pushed to one side of the tank but otherwise were okay. So you have enough room I think to leave them in there if you only want to observe mating behaviour and not raise a batch of fry.

If you do want to raise the fry I will let someone else give advice because I never did that.
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