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New to cichlids- need help with stocking 75g

PostPosted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 5:14 pm
by MayaL
I am thinking of creating a SA tank. The tank is 75g with sand, wood, and a canister filter. I love Bolivian Rams, Cockatoo Dwarf and Apisogramma Viejita cichlids. Can I put all of them in that tank? How many of each? Also, I am thinking of getting some Cories,Neon Tetras, and maybe some other fish that would fill out the upper part of the tank. Any suggestions? Thanks in advace.

Re: New to cichlids- need help with stocking 75g

PostPosted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:17 pm
by dalto
A group bolivian rams and a group of Corydoras would probably be all I would put at the bottom region of a 75g. Neon tetras are tiny so I would not buy those until you are absolutely sure you won't have anything big enough to eat them.

Year ago I had a 75g with a group of M. altispinosus(Bolivian ram), Corydoras sterbai, Mesonauta sp(flag cichlid, festivum) and some Congo tetras and all was well for the most part. The Mesonauta didn't always play well but there were no major issues.

I am not a fan of Apistogramma in community tanks but it can be OK if you have lots of dense cover and hiding places. I would probably do a single male A. cacatuoides(cockatoo) but I think it would be a little much with both the rams and the cories.

If I was going to build a tank around bolivian rams and corydoras in a 75g I would add a single Heros sp(severum) and a group a SA tetras that were too big for the severum to eat.

There are a ton of options though. The hardest part about stocking SA cichlids is making sure you don't have too much at the bottom since many of them like to hang out near the substrate.