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Another Oscar Stocking Question

Postby CichlidNoob03 » Tue Jul 18, 2017 1:33 pm

I am looking to fully restock a 120 gallon tank. Dimensions are roughly 72x18x21.5. I mainly got the tank so that i would be able to get myself an Oscar and a few other species that can coexist with the Oscar. Here's what i am thinking so far

1 tiger Oscar
1 Jack Dempsey (or maybe a GT instead)
4-6 silver dollars
And if there's room maybe a few firemouths too.

Will this be too much for a 120 gallon? I can always get extra filtration if needed. Also worried about how well they will all coexist. I'm also wondering what order they should be introduced. Can i get all at once as juveniles and put them in at the same time?
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Re: Another Oscar Stocking Question

Postby Oscar6 » Sat Aug 05, 2017 8:39 pm

Having kept many Oscars over several decades, I can relay to you that a 120-125g tank is not very spacious for a fish that can easily exceed 14ins and weigh 3 lbs. A good home for a solo Oscar, yes. Adding tankmates, not so much. I have kept, and currently do have GT and JD as Oscar tankmates. Way more than a 120g. Filtration is not the issue, its living space. While GT and JD are generally more aggressive than Oscar, the Oscar's rapid growth will be a huge advantage in territorial disputes. A year old Oscar can be a foot long. The others will be half that at best. SD make good Oscar mates, but SD are recommended as a minimum amount of 5, with 8-9 actually better for them. Again, not much space. Oscars do very well by themselves, they don't need nor appreciate company. I certainly do highly recommend an Oscar, possibly the best wet pet in the entire hobby. I currently have an adult pair, not monsters, around a foot each in a 6ft 220g tank. They use it all and fill it out just fine. From experience, I just cant recommend tankmates in a 120-125g tank. Not to say it isn't doable, just quite a bit away from ideal.
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