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Help with stocking

Postby KevInLA » Sat Jul 08, 2017 9:32 am

Hey everyone! After doing as much research as one can before you just go for it, I’m about to buy my first tank which will likely be a 60 gallon, though I may consider up to a 75. I’m going for the American cichlids. WhIle I had some ideas of what I wanted to get, a visit to my LFS had him suggest another fish I didn’t know existed…the ELECTRIC BLUE Jack Dempsey. I’d like to ask the advice from the people, seeing as how I’d love to have one but also had community tank aspirations initially.

I had an idea to do an all male tank (which I know may involve returning females after buying & sexing a group of juvies) with 1 each of anywhere between 2-4 total cichlids along with some corys and a school or two of some kind of tetras…and a small pleco. Here’s some of what I wanted to choose from for the community...

1 or 2 of any of these Angelfish, Electric Blue Acara, Rainbow Cichlid to go with a Cockatoo and GBR that I had my heart set on…yes I know the last 2 are dwarf.

Looking up on the Electric Jack has made me rethink this. Man, is that one gorgeous fish. It also seems they’re less aggressive than their normal counterparts. Now I’m kinda unsure as to whether I should stay with my community idea or narrow down my options and build the tank around the electric whatever degree it can be...

If I had it my way I’d have the jack in a community of some kind. I’d like to ask everyone’s thoughts, advice, suggestions. I appreciate your responses and am very excited to get into the hobby!
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Re: Help with stocking

Postby Iggy Newcastle » Sat Jul 08, 2017 7:48 pm

Welcome to C-F Kev

If you can swing it, get the 75 gallon.

I'd skip the Electric Blue JD. It's a timid fish that does best alone.

Angels, Rams, corys and tetras like rummynose would be a great tank. Maybe a pair of Apistogramma. Bristlenosed pleco would be the choice. All if these fish do well with plants.
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Re: Help with stocking

Postby nodima » Sun Jul 09, 2017 7:14 am

If you can, go with the 75, the extra 6" front to back makes a huge difference in aquascaping, as well as for the fish (more room)
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