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Help with all male tank stock

Postby KevInLA » Sun Jul 02, 2017 12:04 pm

Hi everyone. So I am getting a 60 gallon tank 48x15x20 soon and would prefer not to deal with breeding, so Im going to do an all male tank. I’m trying for a tank I can simply maintain accordingly and enjoy. I am going for a South American Cichlid group and some schooling thrown into it, and was hoping to get some opinions and/or suggestions on what I’m thinking with regards to types and anything to keep in mind while pursuing this.

I’m hoping to house at least 2 or all 3 of a single male Angelfish, Rainbow Cichlid, Electric Blue Acara. I wasn’t sure if a Firemouth would be compatible but definitely open to one of those instead of one of the other 3 I named. I’m pretty set on a German Blue Ram and a Cockatoo Cichlid to be included in the tank so it’s a matter of what else.

I’m also trying to be mindful of colors, so as to help keep aggression levels down as much as possible.

I plan on putting about 4-6 Corydoras in there along with either some Rummy nose, Black Phantom, or some Buenos Aires Tetras…around 6-10 of them.

I’m even considering a tiger pleco or some other smaller one to help control algae levels. I’m trying to keep this one small to mostly not get in anyone else’s way.

I’m going to likely have a setup of rocks, driftwood, and live plants and some caves.

Based on this, how am I looking? Thoughts and suggestions are most welcome.
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