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Oscars are they mating or 2 males ?

Postby JohnnyGeelong » Sat May 13, 2017 5:24 pm

Hi I just recently bought a 55 Gallon second hand as a grow out tank only problem was when I got there was told the 2 Large 10inch Tiger Oscars with pretty bad hole in head and one with a dislocated jaw came with the tank because they were moving house . I will be honest I felt like throwing them in the river on the way home as had not planned on having 2 large Oscars, but The kids and I instantly liked them when they seen them .So went to LFS and spoke to them about it have been feeding them an food with antibiotic in if for about 3 weeks and they holes are covering up nicely. There is not much you can do with s dislocated jaw I have been told , it is only slightly out of place . From what I have hastily read so far the 55 Gallon is problaky too small for them but might be ok if I add some extra filtration , been doing 50% water change every 6 days . Since my last post I also have a 3 foot tank set up so now have a 150gallon and 2 x 55 Gallon tanks in the lounge and there is no way the wife will allow any more . Sorry for long intro to question just trying to give backdrop of situation I'm in with them .The oscars swim side by side all day they have only gone to go into lip lock postion once that I have seen but did not lip lock .There is no aggression towards each other at all, and the larger one has been scooping substrate in his mouth like he is making a spot for eggs and the other smaller one is like shivering and vibrating so my best guess at this point is they could be male and female and wanting to breed which would be awesome , so I really don't want to get rid of one of them due to tank size. From what I have read so far Can you tell the sex from the Oscars behaviour? Happy for any advice also any suggestions to get the wife to allow s 4 th tank in the lounge room
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Re: Oscars are they mating or 2 males ?

Postby Fogelhund » Sun May 14, 2017 10:45 pm

No, you can't really tell from behaviour. I had two females exhibit the same behaviour, and actually lay eggs together.....

And please don't dump them in the river, they could survive, breed, and cause massive damage to the natural ecosystem, not to mention there could be massive fines if you got caught.
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Re: Oscars are they mating or 2 males ?

Postby JohnnyGeelong » Wed May 17, 2017 5:34 pm

Thanks Fogulhound just hope they are a mating pair , I'm now keen to try get a whole heap of juevies and get a definite mating pair . Also I would definitely not throw them in the river it was just a fleeting thought after the initial shock of suddenly having two large Oscars with a hole in the head and a dilocated jar . The medicine is working well and doing water change every 6 day us .
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