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Re: Laetacara Araguaiae ("Buckelkopf")

Postby naegling23 » Sat Jan 10, 2015 10:50 pm

I currently have 3 in my 75 gallon planted tank with angels, rummynose, and a few other things. As rayQ's photos show, they are incredibly beautiful fish, but it takes some time for them to show it. In my experience, they are very skittish and drab looking initially, but over time, they come into their own. When I first put one pair in, I didn't see the fish at all in the tank except for feeding time for a month or so. After about a year, one of them now pushes the angels around. Give them time and they will reward you.

This is the only laetacara species that I have kept, but I hear that cuviceps are peaceful.....I would not describe buckelkopf this way in my experience. They are not belligerent toward each other, but they have their territories, and defend them.
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