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A hopeful restock of my 75

Postby lovely_jdw » Mon Jan 20, 2020 8:01 pm

Well, after the traumatic epidemic that struck my tank a little over two weeks ago....we've ventured out and got more fish..
We got another Columbian Pleco (same as before)
2 regular Jewel (before we had a turquoise)
2 Dolphin
2 Frontosa (red/blue)
7 Peacock
1 Demasoni

All are about an inch aside from the pleco. Send pleasant thoughts my way!!! I am praying they love each other like my last group did :fish:
I'll post pics as soon as they are comfortable coming up to the glass :oops:
Voluptuously stocked 75 *fingers crossed*
29gal Flowerhorn
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10gal JD
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