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Put sick terror in guppy tank for a few victories

Postby MeCasa » Sun Jun 18, 2017 12:05 pm

My Terror got sick to his stomach and this weakened him enough that he became the go to beat on fish in a large and aggressive territorial tank.


I managed to get him out (not easy - built out planted tank) and put his poor body (lots of white and very little fin) into a clean 10 with good air. I know he'll survive because he's still alert, I can fatten him up but his moral would still be shot to #%$&.


I'll let him regain some strength for a week or two +/-, super clean water, lots of air, light salt, dose of Melafix, a diet consisting of small amounts of bloodworms and some peas to fix that belly and after he regains some strength I'll throw him in the 20 gallon show guppy tank. This tank has wood, it's very heavily planted and full of guppies. I"ll kick up the filtration to remove waste and let him free. he'll start off taking what he needs but eventually the easy kills will run out and hunting will become the only means of food (guppies are hiding son of a guns because from birth their own mama will eat em). This should get him back to flaring up and acting aggressive which will give him his confidence back.....

I'm also not merciless, 'll take the best 4 females and move them to another twenty and buy some new badass males as soon as I set up another a new guppy tank. This way I got rid of a ton of mediocre guppies, built up my Terror's confidence, get to design a new planted 20 and increased the quality of my guppy stock.

Win - Win

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Re: Put sick terror in guppy tank for a few victories

Postby caldwelldaniel26 » Tue Jun 20, 2017 10:14 pm

Sounds like a good time. I kept a largemouth bass back in the earlier days of my getting into the hobby and it was fun to watch him chase down the ruby red minnows I put in his tank
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