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Rabbit snails compatability

Postby easywolf31 » Sun May 14, 2017 11:09 pm

Hey all, just wondering if Cichlids would harm Rabbit Snails as they stretch out their whole body when they move.

Also do you think they would eat fish eggs? Although I think the cichlids would destroy them if they came too close. I'm wondering what will happen if they lay an egg and it hatches also, think it will become Cichlid toast? I'm done with Plecos and other snails, these ones seem perfect, if they can survive. Really like the shells on the Chocolate versions. Most of my fish besides the Dolphins are 1.5-2.5" long.

Trying to figure out in wich tank(s) I can place 1 or 2 Rabbit snails from these:

150G Kigomas, Mobas, Marlieris
140G Blue Dolphins, Yellow Labs, F.Burundis,
Leleupis, Olivaceous, Daffodil, Dickfieldi
125G G.Mpimbwes, Marlieris, Leleupi, Regani
75G Red Forest Jewels
60G Red Texas
60G Brichardis
55G Green Texas & Jewel
55G Leleupis
145G C. Mobas, J. Marlieris, N. Leleupi
135G Blue Dolphins, C. Kigomas, P. Polleni, J. Marksmithi
75G Green Terrors
60G Peacocks & Haps
60G Brichardis
55G Tanganyika & Malawi Growouts
55G Cubans & Green Texas
45G Electric Blue Jack Dempseys
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Re: Rabbit snails compatability

Postby CeeJay » Mon May 15, 2017 8:56 am

I have snails in my plant tanks and they have never ate my cory's eggs. There pond snail and trumpet snails. I have other cat fish that have spawn without them eating any eggs. I would think the fish would protect them if there laying eggs on the rocks.
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