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Documentaries about fish

Postby Dreas » Tue Jan 24, 2017 5:21 pm

I've been trying to find as many documentaries about fish as possible.
I'd love to hear from anyone who know about any documentaries about fish, which are worth watching.
Many of them are about coral reefs, salmon runs and fish as prey. It seems to be a bit harder to find some about freshwater fish that we actually keep in aquaria (especially about cichlids)

I compiled a list of all the documentaries I know of that cover fish:

Equator. Episode 2 - "Rivers of the Sun" (Discovery Channel 2009)
Great Barrier Reef (BBC Two 2012)
Jewel of the Rift (National Geographic 2000)
Life. Episode 4 - "Fish" (BBC 2009)
Mutant Planet. Season 1, Episode 4. "Africa's Rift Valley Lakes" (Animal Planet 2011)
Nature's Great Events. Episode 2 - "The Great Salmon Run" (BBC 2009)
Nature's Great Events. Episode 4 - "The Great Tide" (BBC 2009)
Planet Earth. Episode 3 - "Fresh Water" (BBC 2006)
Planet Earth. Episode 9 - "The Shallow Seas" (BBC 2006)
Planet Earth. Episode 11 - "Ocean Deep" (BBC 2006)
The Blue Planet (BBC 2001)
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