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Red Tail Leopard Pleco

Postby BuckeyeTez » Mon Dec 05, 2016 8:27 pm

Just thought I would share a picture of my new Red Tail Leopard Pleco I got this past weekend.
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Re: Red Tail Leopard Pleco

Postby CeeJay » Tue Dec 20, 2016 11:22 am

I have one those in my hap tank he or she is pushing 7". I put it in the tank about 7 months ago just seen for the 2nd time. I don't know what he eats just never comes out of his cave. But he looks good and healthy.
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Re: Red Tail Leopard Pleco

Postby lizardboy » Tue Dec 20, 2016 12:19 pm

Nice fish! How big is it?
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