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Question....please help

Postby omac84 » Mon Jan 04, 2016 9:52 pm

So This isn't a cichlid question and I'm sorry if its against the rules BUT.... I have a puffer fish by the scientific name of "Tetraodon palustris" after about a month of trying to figure out what kind he was I finally found it although I cant find anything about the species... what water conditions,PH, fresh/salt, etc... If anyone could help me on this I would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Question....please help

Postby somebody » Sun Feb 21, 2016 11:04 am

Learn to Google :p

The Green Spotted puffers needs change to their environment as they mature. The juvenile are fairly easy as they are fine in freshwater. As they mature the need for brackish water or marine conditions become necessary. This takes more work and experience to maintain proper salinity. They are scaleless so are prone to more diseases. A fish keeper with Marine fish experience will be able to take care of them most easily.

The Spotted Green Puffer needs more space the most "community" type fish. They require 30 gallons per puffer, and also require bigger filters and more frequent water changes because they are such messy eaters. 

 Tetraodon palustris do best with salinity levels at 1.005-1.008 and adults at 1.018-1.022
Temperature: 74.0 to 82.0° F (23.3 to 27.8° C)
Range ph: 7.5-8.5
Hardness Range: 9 - 19 dGH
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Re: Question....please help

Postby omac84 » Mon Feb 22, 2016 3:59 pm

Not sure if I put the wrong scientific name or not but its definatly not a green spotted puffer
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Re: Question....please help

Postby mambee » Mon Feb 22, 2016 5:53 pm

There are forums specific to puffer keepers which would probably be more helpful.
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Re: Question....please help

Postby Deeda » Mon Feb 22, 2016 6:06 pm

I see a scientific paper online available for a price but it appears to be a relatively new species from the Mekong Delta. You might want to check out the Puffer Forum for more information or to ask a question.
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