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Stocking suggestions...

PostPosted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 7:48 pm
by Jordan Botha
Evening all! :)

So I have recently bought mysealf a 60 gallon glass tank (100 long; 50 wide and 50 tall, I think) with a sump filter (not sure on dimensions, and is not installed in tank yet. Completely separate).
I originally was planning on using this tank for a pair of Jack Dempseys, but I saw a video on YouTube of African rift lake cichlids and they are really something to look at! So I am not sure on stocking now, JD's or Africans :-?

I am also open to other suggestions on stocking as I am not dead set on either fish.
Look forward to your opinions :thumb:
Kind regards,

Re: Stocking suggestions...

PostPosted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 10:03 pm
by DJRansome
39" x 19"...maybe not big enough for JDs.

Not as long as preferred for Africans either. One species of dwarf mbuna like Pseudotropheus saulosi? Try for 3m:9f?