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Fry eater to go with Keyhole

Postby Jayhawk » Wed Jun 10, 2015 11:13 am

I'm posting this here because the main question's focus is around my keyhole. The tank is a 20 gallon long, heavily planted with 1 clown pleco, 1 remaining rummynose (7 other died in an ich outbreak several months back), one Florida flagfish, one keyhole and 3 mollies with about 4-6 mollie fry.

Originally, I had this lovely school of rummynose and all was good with the keyhole, but I bought some otos, did the no-no thing (no quarantine), and had an ich breakout that wiped out all but one rummynose. Then I made the mistake of getting black phantom tetras instead of more rummynose. I say mistake, because although I like black phantoms, they apparently are designed for one thing only in my keyhole's be stalked and dined upon.

So, after the systematic slaughter all in one week, I decided to go with something tougher...mollies...partly because I figured my now carniverous keyhole would enjoy eating any fry that ensued and I knew mollies are pretty tough little fish.

Well, all is well and good with the mollies, they're dropping fry periodicaly and are totally ignored by the keyhole. However, the keyhole is ignoring the fry as well! No biggie - I have this great LFS that would gladly take the fry off my hands, but then it burns to the ground (such a horrid event - all small mammals and birds gone, many fish lost, etc). So now I only have PetSmart and PetCo in town until the LFS rebuilds and nowhere to rehome fry for such a common fish.

In essence, I'm wondering if there is any fish you all would recommend in my small tank that might be a good fry eater. I tried a king betta from PetCo since they like to hang out up top where the fry are, but he ignored the fry as well and PetCo took him back (it was a good deal for them - they got to sell him twice).

Any suggestions? The tank size is an issue and I don't like to overstock my tanks. I had thought of an African Butterfly fish if I could get someone to order one in for me - stays more up top, will definitely eat fry, and hopefully would be left alone by the keyhole. Any other thoughts?


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Re: Fry eater to go with Keyhole

Postby EricBock » Sat Jan 16, 2016 4:59 am

The keyhole cichlid is a lovely fish that is neither brightly. Which is all the more reason not to have other fish with them that are eager eaters. Spawns can be large, reportedly up to 200 eggs. Keyhole cichlids are found wild in South America, in the Orinoco River Basin throughout Venezuela and The Guianas. They come from quiet waters in slow moving rivers or ponds. Keyhole cichlids get to be 4” to 5” in length, with a body that is overall tan or light brown, and with a somewhat rounded shape.
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