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Help please!

Postby Jstack » Sat May 23, 2015 11:33 pm

3.5 gal tank
couple of shells and small plastic plants

albino tiger oscar cichlid 1"
Jack dempsey cichlid 1"
blue agara cichlid 1"
mystery snail

so i had my tank cycle done around may first and i got myself a oscar. he was timid the first few days as could be expected then around the seventh he began swimming up and down happily. about a week after i introduced the jack dempsy and the blue agara into the tank and all seemed well for a few hours. now it seems that they are all just laying down at the bottom of the tank and hiding from me. i did a 33% water change as my levels were a little high. but they are still hiding at the bottom moving very slowly. i'm beginning to get a little worried that they are sick. does anybody know what this means?
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Re: Help please!

Postby notho2000 » Sun May 24, 2015 1:27 am

Even though your fish are small, you should provide them with a larger tank. It's very difficult to maintain a stable set of conditions with such a small volume of water. I would get a 20G tank minimum for the time being. Oscars in particular can be heavy feeders and the waste products from the fish will overwhelm your biological filtration very easily.
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