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Water mains work...

PostPosted: Wed May 06, 2015 2:13 pm
by LeeAberdeen
The water board put a letter through the door the other week saying they were carrying out maintenance and, since they did it, my tank with barely a fatality has experienced two dead yellow labs in a week. Another yellow lab is looking distinctly dodgy, I don' think he'll make it through the night, and two of my Rubin reds look like they've got something similar to hole in the head. As they were all fine the week before they started all this, it's stretching my belief in coincidences.

Soul destroying, really, when you do everything to keep them healthy and it's taken out of your hands by something like this. It's weird, though, that the problems seem species-specific, in that only the yellow labs and Rubin reds appear to be affected, and in different ways. The labs have a cotton wool-type fungus growth on them and I've just put some anti-fungal stuff in, but I'm not hopeful. My 600l all-male tank with the bigger fish and clown loaches seems unaffected.

They were just supposed to be using water to blast sediment out of the hydrants, which I'm sure would've been fine, but I saw one of the workers with one of those chemical sprayers you use in the garden, so they were definitely using chemicals of some sort. I guess it's a case of a change in the water stressing them and leaving them open to ailments.

So far, my Jalo Reefs, Synodontis, Protomelas, Firefish and OB Fires seem okay, although most are eating less. Fingers crossed for them.