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Stripping Fry - Breeding set up

Postby Nivlid » Thu Apr 30, 2015 6:25 pm

Hello, from Liverpool UK :D
I have watched and read a lot of articles about stripping the Female of her Fry or eggs before the grow.....

I wouldn't feel confident doing this just yet and don't want to cause the Female too much stress. I would imagine even the most experienced Chiclid keeper would cause the Female stress doing this ?

Are South American/New World Dwarf Chiclids more maternal than the African ?

My plan was to simply set up a 5 and 10 Gallon grow out tank with the possibility of having a 3 foot tank for the near adults.

I am not interested in making as much cash as I can from all the young.

For instance with a Bolivian Ram can I simply just collect a few fry from the Mother when I see them in the tank without the stress factor of stripping her young.

Hope I have put my first post here in the correct section.
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Re: Stripping Fry - Breeding set up

Postby anthony126 » Fri May 01, 2015 6:34 am

Hi - I am also UK Based.

I understand your concern in stripping the female etc. but it is incredibly simple and so long as you do it correctly - causes very little stress.

The biggest thing for me is that Africans are so easy to pair up and spawn that the looking after of the fry and eggs becomes the bit you can practice and get right. My advice would be to let your female hold the eggs for 15+days first time around, remove her and put her separately if you are worried about her getting beaten up. That way you can just strip her of tiny fry rather than worrying about tumbling eggs etc. After you have had a successful go at this, try stripping her at 3/4days next time and tumble the eggs. I did my first ever female at 18 days, got hooked and now have 30 tanks with over 200 breeding adults and countless fry, 10 egg tumblers etc. There are plenty of resources on YouTube how to do all of this but I recommend KGTrpoicals and Bolly (Mbuna Mark) as a good starting point
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Re: Stripping Fry - Breeding set up

Postby Mr Chromedome » Fri May 01, 2015 8:12 am

Most New World Cichlids are not mouthbrooders, so there is no stripping. Bolivian Rams are substrate spawners, and it is possible to remove the fry even before they start swimming. Their parenting, however, is more prolonged than the African mouthbrooders, both parents are usually involved, and it is far more interesting to observe. Personally, I find substrate spawning behaviour much more fascinating than your average mouthbrooding Mbuna.
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Re: Stripping Fry - Breeding set up

Postby Nivlid » Sun May 03, 2015 8:12 am

Thanks I am moving up from the 'noobie' live bearing fish keeping to New World Chiclids , only my 3rd Aquarium set up ever :D

Have decided that I a compromise between black water white water, nothing overly 'gloomy' looking but have decided 'New World' Central/South American Chiclids are what I looking to go for,

So thank you for the advice , have a Jewel Rio 240 on order at my LFS As a main Aquarium and converting a guest bedroom into the new fish room :D
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