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Postby blairo1 » Thu Aug 21, 2008 6:38 am

By rinsing the probe in pure water (I just use filtered fridge water) and drying it well after each use you will maintain it's accuracy for a longer duration.

Especially in hard water tanks - you basically don't want deposits on the probe. I just rinse the probe in a cup and dry it with kitchen towel.

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Postby indigosteve » Fri Mar 05, 2021 4:24 pm

Marduk wrote:
blairo1 wrote:

It's the one I used to use. I use a digi one now though, a lot quicker, a lot more accurate and not that expensive really - you can pick them up for pretty cheap and as long as you calibrate it regularly it'll do the trick - mine cost me something like $30, I just calibrate it once a week - don't be fooled into chucking the calib solution after use either - you can re-use it a load of times as long as you keep the container and pH stick spotless, there's no worry of contamination. Worth replacing once in a while but it's cheap (3-4$). It cost me the price of two pH test kits to get my digi probe and calibration solution, but I've already used it a couple of hundred times, easily.

My digi probes range is from 0-14 and is accurate to a tenth of a degree (+/- 0.1). I would like a more expensive one, but this is incredibly accurate and it only strays about .1-.2 within 1-2 weeks if I don't calibrate it. Can't argue with that unless you're really strapped for cash!

The above test kit always confirms what my digi probe reads, so it's good enough in my eyes.

Alternately: ... -7-10.html ... -1-14.html

Thanks for the links. However, we sold this domain 3 years ago & would be grateful if you let your members view the new links:
Is that $30 you listed in british pounds, euros, or US dollars? The places I checked here in the US have them for sale at like $80usd which is too much, at least right now it is for me.
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Re: Anyone know of a high range pH test kit?

Postby Burbl » Wed Jun 16, 2021 11:51 am

Thanks for this link
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