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IM BACK .............AND HELP

Postby cichlidsrextreme » Mon Jun 16, 2008 10:24 pm

alrightyhere um long story if u knew me well u knew i could name this or that about pretty much any fish i just studied every thing but i got into guiars it came 2 where it was 5 or 6 hours a day of playing and i neglected i guess u spell it that way my aquariums and my options were to get back into fish or see them and buy me this sweet 100watt line 6 and today i relized why i got into them cant really explain it but its been nagging at me every sence i thought about selling themand now my plans are 2 move the breeding pair of ne. brichardi to the 30 alone and take my tangs to trade at store for other fish i want the 55 2 be a planted tank with s/a and everythign u can put in a misc tank to be in it i need some ideas and btw i feel like **** because it feels like all my fish info was in a box and some one threw it out i barly know anything so help me on what 2 put in this tank ugh i hate knowin nothing
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Postby MetalHead06351 » Tue Jun 17, 2008 7:46 am

glad your getting back into fish, nice to see more guitars players out there, too. I can tell you that spider3's work awesome :thumb: If it were my 55, I would go with a dwarf cichlid setup. I would put 2 female apistogramma and 1 male. I would also add 20 neon tetras, 20 black neon tetras, 5 ottocinclus catfish, 6 coryadoras, and alot of plants. Lately i've been growing towrds the dwarfs, but i've always loved ca's.... If I was stocking it with them, I would probably check out some of the convict-like species like honduran redpoint, nanos, etc. with firemouths. For catfish I would stick with synos, I love'em. And of couse some giant danios for the cichlids to play with.
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