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a few questions

Postby diavids » Wed Jun 11, 2008 3:01 am

i dont' really know where this belongs but I would love some suggestions. I'm moving my keyhole cichlids etc into a 36in long tank which I should be getting on the weekend. I thought I'll put my dwarf cory's, female guppies and 2 female betta into the 29 hex that is currently housing the cichlids. My feeling is that I should maybe fill the tank only 3/4 full with those fish (especially the small cory's) or would such a high tank be okay for them? I'm also a bit concerned moving my hillstream loach, the new tank isn't going to have any algae, or maybe I should keep him in the Hex tank. That would mean I'll have to set up both tank one after the other. Also currently I have a bov ram with my betta's etc, but I thought maybe I should move her (she is quite timid that is why she is with the bettas and not with my bov male) into the new tank with my keyholes, my keyholes have not matured yet. thanks for your help, dianne
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Postby chapman76 » Wed Jun 11, 2008 7:59 am

Your bolivian ram should be fine with the keyholes.

For that mix of fish, while the footprint is important, it's not near as important as with cichlids that tend to stay at the bottom and not utilize the upper portions of the water column.
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Postby diavids » Wed Jun 11, 2008 10:21 am

thanks for your reply. I know the cichilds will be much happier in the longer tank. I also have 2 (baby) synodontis brichardi catfish which i know need the longer tank. Regarding the high tank, what i think I'm going to do is move the dwarf cory's into a 10 gal and put the broze cory's I have in smaller tank into the high tank. its going to be a bit of moving fish around but the end result will mean more suitable homes for everyone.
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