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Transluscent Brown Slime...HELP!

Postby jamesnyman » Sun May 04, 2008 2:04 pm

I have been keeping fish successfully for 20+ years...saltwater, discus and any number of freshwater species. I currently have a 90 gallon tank with two Emperor 400s and a 25 watt UV sterilizer. I keep the tank at 79 degrees and change 30-45 gallons of water per week in 2-3 small changes. I have african chiclids...Peacocks (4) and yellow Labs (5), some clown loaches and a couple of bristlenose plecos. The substrate is crushed coral and the tank is decorated with holey limestone and twisted pieces of african root. I feed a combination of New Life Spectrum and Dainichi African Chiclid pellets, Hikari algae wafers, and frozen blood worms in two small feedings each day. My water parameters have always been ammonia, no nitrites, and low nitrates due to the large water changes. The pH is around 8. I have been a happy camper for years.

About 3 months ago I started to get a transluscent tannish-brownish slime in my filters...both in the biowheels and the blue filter pads. It has increased to the point where I can put in new filter pads and they will become clogged to the point that no water flows through it in under 48 hours and after that, even cleaning them out with a high pressure garden hose, they will clog in under 24 hours. I used to be able wash out my filter pads 1-2 times per week and keep a pristine tank. In the past week, I have started to get some blue-green algae in the surface of the substrate...not a good sign. I have NEVER had blue-green algae before.

I am at a loss and would appreciate any advice. I am about ready to take the fish back to the LFS and run concentrated bleach solution through my tank and filters to kill anything in the tank. This particular tank has been up and running without any problems for 10+ years.
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Postby TheFishGuy » Thu May 08, 2008 6:39 am

Something has had to change in either the environment around the tank or in the tank it's self. A new piece of decor, anything somthing's got to be new. That's the only explination for a tank of ten years to change.

Other than that I'd take one of your Emperor 400s and bleach it and start with new media. Then two weeks later do it to the other one. Are you sure your UV is still working? Maybe the bulb broke?

Sorry, that's all I've got for you... Try and think of any changes in the past month...
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