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How do you de-chlorinate your water during changes?

Poll ended at Sat Aug 25, 2007 11:42 am

Add de-chlorinator to tank before adding new tap water
Add de-chlorinator to tank after adding new tap water
Add de-chlorinator to tap water in a bucket, then add de-chlorinated water to tank
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Postby star rider » Wed Sep 05, 2007 3:38 pm

keep in mind that some places have seperate hot cold taps.

in the us most fawcett mfg now use centralized fawcets where you can simply turn on the hot or cold and adjust.

but even on those systems it is best to allow the taps to run and adjust as the hot cold source water has to clear the lines from the source to the tap.
a large house with the source far away will have standing water temp..

I use a python and use prime ..

sounds like some are using the dry form of prime??
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Postby justjenn » Wed Sep 05, 2007 5:08 pm

OK, I have never heard of this powder stuff. Is it better? I use Stress Coat, is that bad? About that device for a Python, I'm not the one, lol, but someone should really work on that! I have just dumped the SC into the end of the Python tube right before I started refilling, but I usually just add it during. Also, BTW, is that really true about teating for the whole volume of your tank with a Python?? Wow, have I been messing up! No issues because of it, but I'll definitly change my ways! :lol:
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Postby Toby_H » Wed Sep 05, 2007 7:45 pm

what kind of junky would have more than one or two tanks? that's just weird....
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Postby nick a » Thu Sep 06, 2007 7:00 am

Yeah, Cich, that's from one of the librarys @ UT. It's great for keeping all my bits~n~pieces organized.
As far as the ? of how much conditioner to add after a WC--here's snippets on my thoughts from another forum:
different opinion wrote:I've never ever treated for full gallonage in a water change, only for the amount being replaced. I can't see how extra "dechlorinator/dechloraminator" would be beneficial.

me, tiring of the debate wrote:Always have followed this rule: If treating new water in a separate container--treat just that volume/If treating directly in the tank--treat for entire volume. I will continue to obstinately, stubbornly follow this methodology despite any facts or science or chemistry thrown my way--so nobody bother with any of that.

I will cling to it like a neanderthal man clutching the scant frozen remnants of the last woolly mammoth to walk the tundra, baring my sharpened teeth and growling menacingly at anyone who dares try to take my remnants (or my rule) away.

I will maintain this conceptual continuity while I dance, monkey-like, before the black monolith. Brandishing a large herbivore's femur, I will howl a challenge to the stars themselves to dare take my rule.
"Aber beklecker nicht das sofa!", I'll shout in my most intense approximation of a Col. Clink voice.

I'll call upon Uncle Remus to redeem us should we falter from the tried ~n~true path of the rule. Lo!, as Aberroth delivered the melons unto the nomadish people of the desert shall thy deliver the rule unto the unwashed masses. Woe be it to thou thast breaketh the rule, lest ye might wander the desert melonless for all eternity.

Lungs bursting, as I dive for the rarest form of abolone shell, I stroke deeper for the final push into the stygian depths. I snag a beauty, kick off the bottom and rise towards the surface. Ah, I'm almost safe. I see the light of the rule above......

It was a dark and stormy night. The lightning illuminated the castle in ragged, pupil-collapsing flashes. As I approached, I could hear a wail like tormented lost souls as the winds swirled around the high turrets and through the open courtyard. The arc of the entry and the moss covered steps into it seemed a fetid maw intent on devouring me whole. With some trepidation, I entered the castle. Once past the threshold, the presence of evil was palpable. Squaring my shoulders, I strode forward resolutely. Suddenly, the master of the castle, Count Chloromine appeared out of the mist before me. As he reared back his head, sharp canines poised to pierce my neck, I pulled out the rule. "NOOOOO" he cried as he cowered at my feet........

I wish this work day would end so I could quit doing this BS and get on with FOTAS
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