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Parent Convict Cichlids Fighting! What to do?

Postby Terrordactylll » Tue Oct 23, 2018 9:09 pm

So about a month ago, I got a mated pair of Convict Cichlids, my first Cichlids I've ever owned. The male is roughly about 4-5 inches long, and the female is about 3-4 inches long. I keep them in a 37 gallon tank, with fake plants on the left side of the tank, the middle of the tank with drift wood with a little cave in the middle of it, and the right side with no plants. 2 weeks into owning them they had fry, there was about 100 or so fry in the beginning, but now there is about 25 left. They were living happily with each-other, the female tended to the fry, while the male stood guard in the front of the tank. Today I did my weekly 25% water change in the tank, and when I was just about finished with the water change, the female got EXTREMELY aggressive suddenly, and went RIGHT after my male. My guess is that the water change provoked her, and stressed her out, causing the sudden aggression. The male was just swimming around the tank minding his own business when the female just got NASTY! The female at first picked one of his scales off and it was hanging off of him, then she stopped and I thought it was over. Later for over 20 minutes, the female just went at the male. I mean, there was lip biting, biting on the body, chasing each-other around, sizing each-other up, and swirling around each-other. It was not fun to watch, so me being a first time Cichlid owner, I tapped on the glass to get them to stop, which worked for 2 seconds until they were back at it, I took the end of my net and pushed the female away from the male, which worked for about 1 minute, and she was back at it. What I decided to do, was that I have this water conditioner that has aloe-vera in it, and it also is a stress coat(The brand is API), so I put quite a bit in there until the dosage matched the 37 gallon tank, I turned the lights off to hope that they would calm down, and I put towels over the glass to make it pitch black in the tank to calm them down, and to let the stress coat do its work. I let the towel sit for about an hour and a half, hoping that the fighting would stop. I took the towels off, turned the light on, to see that they weren't fighting, but the winner of the fight was obvious. The female was barely torn up, while the male looked shredded. Some scales were missing, I mean he just looked beat up, but the fighting stopped, and I fed them frozen blood worms after, and put in a little more aloe-vera water conditioner considering it was medication as well. Now its as if nothing had ever happened.

NOW my question is...what now? I don't have any other tanks to put the male or female in, they both have to stay in the 37 gallon. I decided to order some more fake plants for the right side of the tank to give the male AND female some more hiding places away from each-other, and those will be here Thursday and Monday. I also made a previous form asking if there's any tank-mates I can put with these guys, and a guy said to put either full grown Giant Danios(about 4-6 of them), or 3 Three spot Gourami to give the Cichlids a little more to release some anger on the other fish, considering that they're more than big enough to handle themselves. Is there anything I can do to help calm aggression down more than I already have???

If you guys would like to have pictures of my current setup or the fish, I would be more than happy to. Just let me know.
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Re: Parent Convict Cichlids Fighting! What to do?

Postby Iggy Newcastle » Wed Oct 24, 2018 1:30 pm

BC gave you advice on dithers, but also noted that he had needed a divider at times when keeping a pair of Cons without other fish. That would be a good call in this situation.
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