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Want opinion on red devil w/ tankmates

Postby aahren10 » Wed Oct 03, 2018 8:47 pm

Ok so my 75 gallon has been established for about a month now and i havent had a problem yet with red devil. But i want to know if he will become a problem. Heres his tank mates so far:
2 severums
2 blood parrots
1 ghost knife
3 blue loaches
4 cory cats
5 giant danios
1 giant common pleco
1 juvenile flowerhorn (im planning on getting him a tank of his own soon)
1 red devil/ midas cichlid (hes around 6.5 inches and his teeth are coming in, but he hasent been aggressive yet besides rarely chasing other fish for a second)

Is this a bad idea or should i take him back?
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Re: Want opinion on red devil w/ tankmates

Postby Oscar6 » Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:06 pm

All fish are different as individuals, but in general RD are upper level aggression in the CA lineup. There often comes a time during maturity when the kill switch goes off, then its lights out for every thing in the tank. I would suggest that a 75 g tank is very overstocked with what you already have, regardless of compatibility. My 6yr old RD is about 14ins, lives alone in a 180g tank. Imo, the tank is by no means too big for the fish.
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