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Jack Dempsey spawning question

Postby dash10985 » Mon Jul 23, 2018 10:02 am

Hey guys, new here and I have been keeping cichlids for years and recently have decided to try to spawn electric blue JDs so I bought 5 blue gene jds and 2 electric blue jds. Threw them in a 72 gallon tank and grew them out and watch. I had 2 of the blue gene jds spawn ( just my luck) that entire spawn was lost either in the filter when they started free swimming or the other jds got hungry. So I I separated that male and continued to wait.. well I finally got the blue gene female to spawn with my male EB. Now I'm just looking for tips on how to get the fry to big enough to sell. I can't really set up another tank but I have a hang on in tank breeder box and I'm wondering when is the best time to throw the fry in there can I throw the eggs in there now or does the mother still need to watch over them? And when is the best time to separate the EB fry from the blue gene fry
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Re: Jack Dempsey spawning question

Postby freshwaterhobby » Sun Jul 29, 2018 2:32 am

When mine paired off I did a little research and learned JDs are actually good parents!
I let my JDs (Rocio octofasciata) protect and feed the fry (they really do this!) for a while before separating them. I wish I could remember exactly how long (they're about a year old now), but I'd say they were at least a month old, maybe 2 months, when I pulled the parents. You will likely still lose a few before pulling them, and of course after - survival of the fittest and all that - but that was my experience, for what it's worth, and I never saw much in the way of fry-eating (unlike Severums!). And the juveniles have been so much fun to watch grow!
To answer your question about the eggs, I'm pretty sure you would damage them irreparably if you tried to move them, so I would say a big no on that.
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