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Invasive Convict Cichlids in Grand Teton National Park

Postby whalebite » Fri Oct 27, 2017 10:08 am

I have a very interesting place I have wanted to talk about.
I have gone to Grand Teton National Park many times. As a kid one of the most interesting places to visit is Kelly Warm Springs. It is a geothermal spring that stays warm enough to sustain Central American Fish. I used to go out with a net and catch plenty as a child, never kept any just caught and looked at them. People have apparently been dumping unwanted aquarium fish for some time here as I read somewhere that guppies first showed up in the 1950s. It is really interesting how all the livebearers have reverted to a more wild form over the years, but the really big fish, and the ones I always went after as a kid were the Convict Cichlids. I would say this pond was probably my first proper introduction to Cichlids. When I went in August to see the eclipse I went back to the pond, which has gotten bad press because brain-eating amoeba were detected here a few years ago. The main pond was also carpeted in cyanobacteria mats, But I found a few spots to use my GoPro to film the fish. I hope you enjoy this video.
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