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Re: Help me figure out the sex of these 2 Red Texas Cichlids

Postby easywolf31 » Tue Dec 12, 2017 1:07 pm

Hybrid_Creations wrote:You will have that with these guys. haha

Hey hybrid, how's it going? What are you keeping these days?

My Red Texas sob is on his 3rd and final female. I had to ship away the first one, the 2nd red one he killed overnight and now I'm trying a green Texas. I removed the divider a few days ago and it looked like they hit it off perfectly but than he went ape bananas on her while I went to work. Luckily he managed only a few scrapes. I'm just going to keep them divided now unless I see eggs or will release them on a weekend while I'm home. Please watch this video and tell me what you think he's doing around the 2 minute mark. He wants to breed but he's been branded a wife beater so he's back in the hole now. I just love this guy, he lets me pet him too but not for long.

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