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Postby hyposalinity » Fri May 02, 2008 5:50 pm

I truely believe CONS will survive and produce viable fry in brackish conditions, and that if you start to breed the brackish fry you will eventually have saltwater CONS. Beware marine enthusiasts, there may be a new Damsel to cycle your tanks with in the near future . . . and they are called Convict Cichlids. Saltwater hobbyists thought Damsels could wreak havoc on their prized Angels, they have another thing coming. :lol: JK, this is not my intention, I just want one for my own salt tank to co-habitate with Damsels and such.
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Postby hyposalinity » Fri May 30, 2008 8:55 pm

My pair of CONS began their spawning ritual when the salinity was 1.006 according to the refractometer. I noticed eggs at 1.007, now the salinity is at 1.008. I predict by the time they hatch (if they hatch) the salinity will be at 1.009. I'll reply as to wether they lived or died. As of right now they appear to be fertile, not white or fungus covered. I am not going to raise the salinity anymore, I'm stopping at 1.009.
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Re: question about hyposalnity, convicts, damsels and clowns

Postby mbargas » Thu Nov 30, 2017 11:42 pm

I just caught up with this post while mining for damsel/cichlid compatibility. I currently have a high salinity brackish tank (or low salinity marine,depending on your perspective) with an SG ofabout 1.017.

So far I have 1 mayan, 1 black belt, and 1 sergeant major. They are all relatively small at his point (about 1.5"). No signs of stress and they get along OK. I plan to add other salt-tolerant Cichlids and hardy damsels to see how this community evolves.

What is obvious so far is that the sergeant major has a much brighter, more intense coloration than either cichlid. So I'm now asking myself why keep Cichlids at all when I can keep the much more colorful damsels?
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