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46 gallon tall (36x12x24) Medium Cichlid w/Pearl Gouramis?

Postby Tom Jones » Wed Jul 21, 2021 12:14 am

Hello, I have another tank coming soon, which will be a 46 gallons tall. The base is limited as it's 36x12, and its height is 24 inches.

I plan on having 3 or 4 Pearl Gouramis. I know they're not cichlids, and not even American, but PH and temp wise they seem to overlap with a few American cichlids.

I was wondering if there'd be a similar size cichlid that would be pacific enough to cohabit with them and maybe a school of smaller fish ?

I know some of them are agressive or semi-agressive, but I also know that some of them are mellow when there is no competition nor any female to impress. Also, Pearl Gouramis tend to stay in the top third of the tank and this one will be 24 inches tall, so I'm thinking maybe a single mellow medium size cichlid could make himself a little territory in the bottom half and live happily in the same tank.

I'm open to both CA and SA so I'll copy/paste my post in both sections, hope it's okay to do so ? If not please let me know, I will delete one.

I'm not the biggest fan of Angles , and I do love rams but I would like something a little bigger if one could fit!

PS: I'd prefer this tank to be planted :)

I'm open to all suggestions!
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Re: 46 gallon tall (36x12x24) Medium Cichlid w/Pearl Gourami

Postby Auballagh » Wed Jul 21, 2021 8:06 pm

There are two possible individual CA Cichlid candidates for possibly keeping with that group of Pearl Gourami's, and even then I'm not certain of success.
That would be the Yellow Dwarf, Amatitlania nanolutea or the Rainbow Cichlid, Herotilapia multispinosa. At around a max length of 4 inches for the Rainbow Cichlid, (even smaller than that for the Yellow Dwarf), these are small-sized Cichlids. But even then when kept in aquariums, many supposedly 'peaceful' New World Cichlid species can often behave like real goons towards peaceful Gourami species for some reason. Definite exceptions to this are the bigger Blue Gouramis and most definitely, the rather ugly 'Giant Gourami' - - Whew.... that's A MEAN ONE! :o
So no, I personally wouldn't stock with ANY CA Cichlid in an aquarium with Pearl Gouramis in it. :(
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Re: 46 gallon tall (36x12x24) Medium Cichlid w/Pearl Gourami

Postby OuiBonjour » Thu Jul 22, 2021 1:10 am

Got it !

Rainbow Cichlids are a beauty, that is sad, but I understand. I think I'll go with your idea I'm the SA thread about the Keyholes :) we could close this thread if you wish, we'll continue there if you don't mind!
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