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Company for nicaraguensis

Postby Jai'galaar » Sun Apr 18, 2021 5:58 pm

I have a 4'X2'X2' tank with a nicaraguensis pair in it. The male is about 7'', the feamle is 5ish.
My question is, what can I keep with them in there? Well, convicts seem to be an obvious choice but what else? :-? I was thinking Heros for a moment but maybe they wouldn't do well with the CA guys.
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Re: Company for nicaraguensis

Postby Auballagh » Mon Apr 19, 2021 9:19 pm

Well then.... hopefully 'Captain Creech' has been safely rehomed to the 55G? The 'Reign Of Terror' is at last... over?
:oops: Whew. :oops:
So, alrighty then. Here are some choices to consider, that I would consider to be compatible with your Nicaraguans and each other:
- OPTION 1 -
Add a Convict and Firemouth, plus Heros of choice - I like the Heros sp. 'Rotkeil', but the so-called Red Severum is another possibility I suppose.
- OPTION 2 -
Add a single 'Blue Sifter', 'Torquouise Cichlid', Astataheros robertsoni, plus a single (hopefully male) 'T-Bar Cichlid', Amatitlania sajica
"Now it's Getting Interesting"
- OPTION 3 -
Add 5 ''Yellow Convicts", Amitatlania nanoluteus, plus a single 'Elliots Cichlid', Thoricthys ellioti
"Wooot! PARTY TIME!!!"
BONUS: Add 7, Astyanx fasciatus 'mexicanus' Tetras (Very hard to find), to any of those stocking choice options as some very tough/mean CA dither fish for this community tank - and your New World Masterpiece will truly be done. :D
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