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How Many Julidochromis?

Postby FredinNY » Sun Jun 13, 2021 9:07 am

Setting up a 75 Gallon tank with Multies (about 6) and Cyprichromis (10-12), and I'd like to add Julidochromis transcriptus (or Ornatus).
The tank is divided into levels... multies will naturally have the substrate and the Cyprichromis will own the open water top third of the tank.
I have elevated rock-work on a separate plateau in the middle third of the tank that stretches' the entire length of the 4' tank.

If I'm not interested in breeding how many Julidochromis can peacefully co-exist in the this community?

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Re: How Many Julidochromis?

Postby sir_keith » Sun Jun 13, 2021 11:26 am

I have a 55g tank very much like this, and IMO this is a classic case of the initial stocking numbers being irrelevant, because the fishes will work out the population balance themselves. We all know that Multi's will fill whatever space you give them with fry, so you may start with 6, but you will likely end up with many more. The Julies will keep the Multi population in check- up to a point- and will likely set up a cooperative breeding community themselves. The Cyps will be largely oblivious to all this.

In my case I started out with 6 or so Multi's, with lots of shells in a 48" tank, then added 6 J. ornatus sometime later. At steady state, I would estimate that this tank probably contains ~15-20 Multi's (not counting the little ones) and a breeding community of ~12 adult and sub-adult J. ornatus.

BTW, the fishes don't care whether you're interested in breeding them or not: if you have males and females in an appropriate environment, breeding will be automatic.

Good luck! :fish:
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Re: How Many Julidochromis?

Postby FredinNY » Sun Jun 13, 2021 12:24 pm

Thanks for the reply. It sounds like you have a nice setup. In time I'm hoping to have similar results.
I like the idea of a community of Jules.

I see you picked up on my "days of fishkeeping experience".
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