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Re: New Tanganyika Setup: Helpful Tips or Resources for Calv

Postby Witch Slapped » Sat Sep 07, 2019 6:01 pm

Inkfins are great, they're what I originally wanted. However, the black calvus I did get are SUPER black and basically inkfins, plus they got the spots on their dorsal fins, so I think they look amazing. One of these days I'm gonna have a frontosa aquarium haha.

Sorry I haven't posted any pics yet. I'm terrible at uploading them to my laptop from my phone. I'll try to get some up this coming week.

After adding some more calvus caves the brute actually calmed down a bit. I think the leleupi helped the calvus calm down in general. The calvus went after the lupi for a bit any time they got too close to their territory, but the lupi give absolutely zero f***s so they just kept chasing each other around the aquarium as they always have. I think that constant motion and liveliness helped put the calvus at ease. The brute is even sharing his cave with one of the females (I'm pretty sure I have a 2:2 ratio now that I've had time to observe) so that's a pretty big deal. They still bicker at feeding time, but I hope theyre starting to form a pair.

B2LL wrote:
They did have a nice selection of Calvus but they were all onsie twosie selections and I’m looking for a group of 8 or so of Inkfins. It was great to find a shop relatively close who love and carry Tanganyikans. They had some really sweet Frontosas too, man I need a bigger tank.

Have you tried putting the brute in solitary? Might allow the others to pair off. Would love to see some pics.
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