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Comp. fry?

Postby philjo1 » Tue Apr 22, 2008 5:42 am

Hi all

I'm a little confused :-?
I have a tank with Comps.. about 2" long and breeding pair of Juli gombi and a school of cyps.
The Juli's always breed in a cave in a rock in the tank.. the fry move out and shortly after they breed again.. the fry never seem to leave the cave until they are larger.

I have fry in the cave at the moment.. and I have noticed another batch of fry (larger than any other batches I have had from this pair) swimming about on top of the rock and darting up from the rock about 1" and back down again.... this is not usual behaviour for the fry that I have had so far. They are about the size of multi fry when they first appear from the shell. The juli's swim around them like they don't mind them being there. Is it possible this is another batch from the same pair just earlier than normal and they spawned in a different spot?

Or could they be comp fry? I haven't noticed any of the comps going near them. And I have no idea what size comp fry are or what they look like when born..

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Postby triscuit » Sun Apr 27, 2008 12:22 pm

I would guess that they are julie fry. My julies change spawning sites regularly, and I often see tiny fry a long distance from the breeding site. Julies do tend to hug the surface and so the darting in to the water column seems weird. Maybe their hungry? I suspect your comps take care of any fry that stray too far, so perhaps this is just a lucky batch and the first you've noticed?
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