Xenotilapia flavipinnis from Lake Tanganyika

Xenotilapia flavipinnis

Xenotilapia flavipinnis. Photo by Dave Hansen

Xenotilapia flavipinnis is a delicate and peaceful fish found throughout Lake Tanganyika. In the wild, X. flavipinnis spend their time in open water over the sandy bottom where they sift the sand looking for small creatures. This species can be found in large groups but will pair off when spawning. X. flavipinnis is a bi-parental mouthbrooder and pairs will usually stay together for the duration of the spawning season.

In the aquarium Xenotilapia flavipinnis needs a little more attention than many other cichlid species. This species doesn’t do well when water conditions aren’t right. Frequent water changes are recommended to remove buildup of nitrates and other toxins. This species is very peaceful and does not do well with boisterous or aggressive fish. Best kept in large groups to recreate natural conditions and for pairs to form. After spawning, the female will hold the eggs for about 10 days and then transfer them to the male. Both parents will watch over the fry until they are old enough to go off on their own. To discuss this species visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.


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